Big Girl Dating Probs.

Everyone has problems dating. I believe in today’s time, it’s a lot harder than it used to be. With internet dating, it makes it sooo much harder to meet someone in person. There’s a lot of people that don’t even want relationships anymore either. So this world has come to hook ups and friends with benefits status. Like there wasn’t already problems for big girls in the dating game, it’s probably worse now.

I’ll be the first one to admit, I hate going on a date, or at least trying to meet someone. It feels as though I’m always the one getting looked over. We all know how that feels right? We sit there in the corner of the bar waiting until someone has enough courage to come up and talk to us. Awkwardness is my middle name when it comes to situations like these. I have leaned more towards Internet dating because it’s easier to get to know someone before I waste my time with drunken assholes.

I’ll admit, I have multiple dating profiles. And trust me so do some of the guys that are on the same sites. But what really irks me are the guys who have to make fun of you or mock you for no reason. Let me tell you a story that happened just recently. I was on a site that some of you may know. Swipe to the right if you like. Swipe to the left of you don’t. If you both swipe right it’s a match. Anywho, I matched with a guy I thought was attractive; average but attractive. So he messaged me first and we began what seemed like a normal conversation of two people wanting to get to know each other. Then I got a message saying “I hate this app lets cut to the chase, do you want to go to dinner with me?” Of course I said yes. Who would pass up a free dinner? Then I get another message asking “so how does it work? Free range style or do you just eat hay 🐄🐄” wow what a jerk!!! Who does that to an innocent person they’ve never met? My immediate response was you can tell me how it tastes since you’re the ass hee haw. My day had been ruined. And I wanted to cry my eyes out stay home from work and eat ice cream. But I thought you know what? Why let this guy get to you? Why let him bring you down? Obviously he has issues with something or he wouldn’t have even been foolish to mess with you. My next steps; report for harassment and block.

After that morning, I deleted said account. It was mainly horny guys who had a weird fetish for things anyways. I sometimes wonder, if guys prey on big girls because they know they can be desperate. I once read a blog written by a man stating he only had sex with chubby girls because they were so desperate to be with a man they would to anything. Skinny girls would get scared and run off to someone else. Well I find that oddly truthful and scary. Girls, we don’t need to succumb ourselves to dirt bags. We should be with a man who wants us for us. Loves all your beauty and accepts you for you, not what you do.

I can be a jealous bit*h too. My best friend I mentioned in my last blog, the size 14, she’s on dating sites too. She probably gets a new message every minute. Her phone is constantly going off when I’m with her. It makes me jealous and especially so when I see the types of guys she’s getting them from. I got to a point where I just wanted to be mad at her and never wanted to hear her stories of all the guys she was talking to and planning dates or sexting. Really? I finally told her, you’re making me feel bad because I go weeks without getting a message and she finally stopped. But the one thing that does boost my confidence is finding a guy who thinks you’re pretty. Who enjoys your conversation and just simply wants to get to know you. Hook line and sinker. Just don’t dangle your bait too much at them. I’ve had guys that message me online to tell me my eyes are gorgeous. Or my smile is contagious. Or to say you’re profile just caught my eye. Those are the guys that catch my eye. Tell me I’m pretty and you have a chance. Call me a cow and I might punch you in the face. My number one rule of dating is; be a douche to me and I’ll be an even bigger one to you.

A lot of my success though comes from my self confidence. I am told often that it’s a sexy trait for me. Especially at work. I work in transportation, so I see truck drivers on a daily basis. So I’m not really sure how you imagine getting hit on by a truck driver as, but if you are thinking yuck! Well then you’re right. Don’t get me wrong.  Not all are gross, in fact there is one I wouldn’t mind getting to know. But back to the confidence thing. My buddy Kelly (guy) who’s a driver told me today “you’re the talk amongst a lot of drivers. They all have the hots for you” I just laughed but then he explained that my confidence is radiating out of me that it’s a turn on for guys. Well thank you Kelly, you made my day! I’ll just sit here and smile now. If you have confidence in yourself others will see it and love it too. It doesn’t matter if your plus or not.

Well time to get back to work, don’t tell my boss!

Have a good weekend everyone


A size 22

2 thoughts on “Big Girl Dating Probs.

  1. Sounds to be you dodged yourself a bullet, never making it to the date portion of that. He sounds like an uneducated child, who didn’t deserve to get to know you. You seem like a smart girl. I am glad to know you aren’t willing to compromise your standards. When you find that perfect person for you, and you will, it will be well worth the wait. 🙂


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